Tom Kennedy

by sAM on April 21, 2009

Another true artist finds his way ,Tom  and (yes Flash I quit smoking)Flash in their wetsuits barely containing their excitement like lil kids to go  body surfing in 30 degree water, I remember him everyday, His talent was never seperate from who he was. The vibrant love between he and Haideen,
the playfulness and ability to work so damned good together, reminding me to never ever settle for less than what I was blessed to witness.The solid friendship and connection between Flash & Tom  and EVERY one in the household! Please take some time and check out the links and be inspired!
search for Tom Kennedy + art cars
Tom Kennedy + Burning Man  (check out the whale)
”                            I love you guys,
— Tom is on the web as a pioneer extroidinaire .Just search, Cause Chris DeMonterey’s not here to show me the way….to transfer links.

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